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To accompany my stories in schools, I offer a range of related craft activities which are good fun and simple to organise with a class of around 30 children. I bring with me all the necessary bits and pieces, including paints, glitter, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. I also offer the craft sessions in French and German too. To accompany the Woodies stories, children have the opportunity to make their own glittery dragonfly:


Cathy Watts



Made out of wooden pegs, these delightful dragonflies fit with the story chosen for the session. Each body is painted, décopatch wings positioned, pipe cleaner legs added and finally decorated with googly eyes. They make a super classroom display before the children take them home.

For seaside crafts see www.beachhutbooks.co.uk or contact Cathy on cathy@pondlifebooks.co.uk or cathy@beachhutbooks.co.uk or c.watts@brighton.ac.uk